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SolarMount Comes into the market with some remarkable offerings.Hassle free and Zero Maintenance Solar PV Mounting Structures makes the tasks of execution easier.We have an in-house design team so that standard designs can be customized according to the needs of the site and the client. Our own fabrication facility, so that the time required for structure fabrication could be minimized and we could deliver our projects within the stipulated timeframes.







We all are well aware of the fact that using renewable energy is not just the need of the hour, but also a step towards a secure future for us and our next generations. We at SolarMount believe that using solar energy is one of the smartest ways in which we can protect our nature without compromising on our needs and luxury. SolarMount is one of the leading names in designing solar mounting structures in India. We expertise in designing PV module mounted system. Our main objective at SolarMount is to make solar panel mounting structures accessible to everyone out there and so, we come to market with some exceptional offerings. Maintenance is never an issue with the structures designed by us as they are completely hassle-free and require zero maintenance. This, in turn, makes the execution super easy. A lot of important factors like climate, size of the roof and the system orientation, etc are to be considered while designing a solar mounting structure. Thanks to the in-house team of experts we have as they make this task much easier. We focus on understanding the needs of the client and designing client-friendly systems and hence, our experts customize the standard designs according to the needs of the client. The structures build by as are economical and have almost no breakages. Our own fabrication facility reduces the time required for fabrication and helps us in delivering our projects within the stipulated time-frame. We have always been working towards delivering the best to our clients, and we will continue to do so in future as well for this is what makes us the best solar mounting structure manufacturers.

Services We Provide


Standard Structure Supply

• Feasibility Study • Market changes and developing trends • Risk assessment


Customized Structure Services

• Site review and survey • Foundation design • Structural designs and analysis • Fabrication drawings • Troubleshooting of existing structure solutions


System Design & Engineering

• Complete structural steel fabrication as per International Standards
• Quality Control at every step
• Sheet metal and light gauge material
• Custom fabrication
• Carports, canopies and racking for ground mount and roof mount systems
• Long-standing relationships with steel mills and large service centers
Installation Services


Installation Services

• Site inspection and preparation • Civil work and mechanical installation • Electrical Installation and commissioning
• Scalable workforce nationwide

We Deal In


Flat roof mounting structure solutions for stronger and longer project life.


Industrial mounting structure for all kind of shed profiles including trapezoidal, seam roof or corrugated.


Ground mount structure solution for all soil types.

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