SM_FLAT_01| Double Portrait Mounting Solution


System Life >20 Years | Tilt 10-25 Degree | Easy Installation | RCC SLAB Anchoring Solution | Pedestal Mounting Solution | 300mmMin Ground | Presidential & Commercial Applications

Technical Information

Roof Type RCC Roof Top
Tilt 10-25 Degree
Panel Arrangement Portrait | Landscape
Windspeed Tested for 55m/sec
Material Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Custom Profile or Cold Rolled Per-galvanized Steel Profile
Anchoring Type Self Threading Screw with Fastener Chemicals for RCC Slab & J-hook or  Template for Pedestal  Based Anchoring
Clamps Aluminum middle and end Clamps: 6063 T6
Company Warranty 15 Years

Flat roofs are one of the best bases for solar panel mounting because of their large and regular space. The panels in case of double portrait mounting are arranged in portrait form in such a way that they provide maximum output. It is specifically for RCC rooftops.  The panel tilt is around 10-25 degrees. The two types of anchoring solutions available for double portrait mounting are RCC slab anchoring solution and pedestal mounting solution. RCC slab anchoring solution involves the use of self-threading screws with fastened chemical whereas, a pedestal mount has J-hook or template with a wooden base. The middle and end clamps are made up of aluminum. The installation of double portrait mounting system is easy and economic.