SM_FLAT_02| Low Elevation Ballast System


System Life >20 Years | Tilt 5-20 Degree | Easy Installation | Quick Assembly | No Roof Penetration | 300mmMin Ground | Modular Assembly

Technical Information

Roof Type RCC Roof Top
Tilt 5-20 Degree
Panel Arrangement Portrait | Landscape
Windspeed Tested for 55m/sec
Material Hot Dip Galvanized Custom Profile or All Virgin Aluminium T6 6063 Power Design
Anchoring Type Self Threading Screw with Fastener Chemicals for RCC Slab & J-hook or  Template for Pedestal  Based Anchoring
Clamps Aluminum middle and end Clamps: 6063 T6
Company Warranty 15 Years

The task of solar mounting can sometimes be a little tricky for low sloped or flat rooftops as most of the solar mounts are attached to the rafters in the houses which involves cutting in the roofs. Though the installers take full care of it by sealing and flashing the holes after the installation, this could still cause some problem for low sloped houses in future. Now, this is where ballast system is used. Low elevation ballast system helps you use solar energy without any penetrations in your roof. The panels rest on the top of the concrete blocks which are cemented to the surface of the roof. Ballast system helps in preventing wind lifts. It may sound like ballast systems are the best solution for low sloped or flat rooftops, but it is always advised to trust the installer with the decision of whether your roof needs a ballast system or, not because the ballast adds weight to the roofs and some roofs might not be strong enough to handle the load. Our experts analyze your roof and help you in taking the correct decision in accordance with the roof type.