SM_SEAM_01| Seam Roof Mounting Solution


System Life >20 Years | Tilt Along The Roof | Easy Installation | Sheet Loading Solution | Landscape Orientation | 65mm-100mm Thermal Gap | Minimum No. of Parts | Highly Economic  

Technical Information

Sheet Type Seam Roof
Tilt Along The Roof
Panel Arrangement Landscape
Windspeed Tested for 55m/sec
Suited for Module Type Framed
Material Profile: Virgin Aluminium T6 6063
Hardware: SS304
Anchoring Type Grub Screw Based
Clamps T6 6063, Aluminium Mid End Clamps
Company Warranty 15 Years

The installation of Seam roof mounting system is based on Seam roof clamps. It is a non-penetrating design and so there are no chances of water leakages. The installation of seam mounting is simple as it just involves attaching the seam clamp to the standing seams. The clamps are safe to use because they ensure maximum stability without any penetrations. A various number of system combinations are possible such as L-foot, fixed foot or PV module clamp directly. The usage of the minimum number of parts reduces the installation cost and makes it highly economical. The clamps are made of high tensile strength aluminum and are available in two types which make it possible to work on different standing seam metal roofs. To be precise, this system is the best combination of efficiency and reliability at a profitable price.