SM_TRAP_01| Trapezoidal roof mounting system


System Life >20 Years | Tilt Along The Roof | Easy Installation | Sheet Loading Solution | Both  Portrait & Landscape Orientation Possible | 65mm-100mm Thermal Gap | Minimum No. of Parts | Highly Economic  

Technical Information

Sheet Type Trapezoidal Sheet(Durasteel Roof)
Tilt Along The Roof
Panel Arrangement Portrait | Landscape
Windspeed Tested for 55m/sec
Suited for Module Type Framed
Material Profile: Virgin Aluminium T6 6063
Anchoring Type Rivet Based A Structure
Clamps T6 6063, Aluminium Mid End Clamps
Company Warranty 15 Years

This mounting system is for trapezoidal roofs. It is also called as a rail-less system because the tilt is along the roof and the panels are directly connected to  the roof with the help of bolts and screws. Rail-less system is very much similar to the railed system as the same number of attachments are required in both the cases, but the rail-less system is just more economical as the cost of shipping and manufacturing of rails is reduced. The panels can be positioned in any particular orientation as that won’t affect the system. The type of anchoring used is rivet based A structure.